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Allow me to share some of my creations in the hope that this will provide you with a greater insight into my passion for abstract art. I have been inspired by Kandinsky, the founder of this movement since my childhood and indeed, his oeuvre has allowed me to discover my own artistic calling or vocation.

Each of my artworks corresponds to what I refer to as my “states of mind”. These are life’s difficult moments which make themselves felt through a sense of melancholy, combined with nostalgia or sadness. Love, joy and happiness however, are also sources of inspiration.

My paintings, through their subtle blend of joy and pain, reveal a part of my inner being. They are full of contradictions, as is the case with abstract art. By observing the forms and colours in my work, viewers are free to bring their own interpretation to the paintings and may even find in them, something they have been seeking. Allowing you to share this introspective journey into the depths of my soul is somewhat akin to laying myself bare, all the while inviting you to partake in the dream that is abstract art.

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